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Fall 2012

Kayla started playing soccer this fall! She did really well! The coach says she has the best ball control on the team, she just needs to develop some strength! It was so much fun watching her play soccer that we enrolled her on a winter league indoor soccer team. She is also going to play basketball this winter also! Busy, busy, busy!

kayla Kayla has learned to spell and read almost all of a sudden. She loves writing notes to everybody. For awhile, she would fold up her notes and put them in envelopes and give them to people. For a couple weeks, there were just way too many envelopes laying around, but the novelty has worn off a little and it's back to being cute.

One person that Kayla made sure she had an envelope for, was her "boyfriend", Haaf. He came over one day and we couldn't find Kayla. Dizzel said she was in the bathroom "getting ready for her boyfriend". We checked on her and had changed into a pretty dress and she was in the bathroom doing her hair! Pretty funny ...

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Summer 2012

Summer 2012 was all about bicycles and swimming! Swimming in the day time and riding bikes in the evening many nights a week! Kayla rides really good now and is doing skids, riding with one hand, and riding off the curb! She gets her scrapes and bruises every once in awhile, but she gets right back up and gets on her bike most of the time! One of our favorite bike destinations is "The Grove" over by Prince Park.

We had 2 big events this summer! Of course, one big event was Kayla's birthday! We celebrated this year at Great America again and stayed at the Embassy Suites. It is becomimg a fun yearly tradition!


The other big event was Uncle Eddie and Auntie Erica's wedding! The kids love dancing, so they had lots of fun. After a hard fought scramble versus 20 single girls, Kayla emerged the victor in the bouquet toss!

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March-April 2012

Finally! We have a kid who cleans! Got to love it! Kayla puts her shoes away, puts her clothes in the hamper, and can clean up the toy room before dinner now and it helps a lot!

We started the "word of the week" in April. Every time Kayla (or ZZ and Ari) uses the word of the week, she gets a nickel to put in her bank. She learns a new word every week and is learning to count with her digital counter bank. Words of the week so far; mystery, fantastic, and accuse. She used "appreciate" last week and I had to give her a nickel for that also.

Some funny conversation with Kayla:
DAD: Kayla, let Ari play hula hoop, too!
KAYLA: No! You play!
DAD: Kayla, Ari wants to play and dance with you guys! Don't be mean!
KAYLA: Dad, Ari can't be in our dance, I don't like her moves!


January-February 2012

Kayla got a new bicycle in January. It's a very cute pink bike with white tires, gold handle bars and wheels, and stickers of jewelry and gems. So I chase Kayla around on my skateboard shouting, "Gems! GEMS!", like the Diamond Dogs from My Little Pony. The kids really get a kick out of that and I think it's pretty funny, too. Kayla is really fast on her bike now. I can't keep up with her on my skateboard anymore!

In February we took our annual trip to the snow! Kayla eagerly tried snowboarding again, but we are going to have to do a few more snow trips to before she gets the hang of it!

Unfortuneately Kayla has been stealing lately! She stole cousin Liam's pacifier when we went to Uncle Eddie's house for dinner. And she stole toy coins and another toy from school! We made her return the things she took from school and she was a little embarrassed about it.

Kayla hit some very important milestones lately, too. She learned how to tie her shoes! She also started learning simple addition problems, like 2+2=4 and 3+3=6! And she read her first book! "Froggy Makes a Cake" is officially the first book Kayla read from cover to cover!