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December 2009

Kayla asked Santa all month for a fake pony and Santa came through and Kayla got her fake pony.


We (as parents) made a big mistake this month. We let Kayla pick out a library book called, "There's an Alligator Under My Bed". Big mistake because now there's an alligator living under Kayla's bed. Kayla slept on her dresser a couple times and in the corner of her room. We took her bed off the frame and put it on the floor so there is no "under the bed" and things are better. But now she won't sleep under the blankets. She sleeps on top of them with her Giants blanket and has to have her feet sticking out.

Kayla's quote of the month:
Dad: "Kayla, you should eat these carrots, they are good for your eyes!"
Kayla (while eating grapes instead): "This good for my mouth, Dada!"

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November 2009

November ... the month for TurkeyBeerFootballGluttony day.

In November, Kayla started going to the library. She picks out 2 or 3 books and we take them home and read them for the next few weeks. Favorites this month included "The Lion's Share" and "Where is the Green Sheep".

We thought it would be cute if our cat, Maddie, slept with Kayla at night. Maddie usually hangs around a little bit while we read good night books and so one night we let her sleep in Kayla's bed. Everything went well, so the next night we did the same. But on the third night, Kayla insisted that Maddie get out of her room. We've asked if she wants Maddie to sleep in her bed since then, and the answer is always no. We don't know what happened, but Maddie is not allowed to sleep in her bed anymore.

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October 2009


October was Halloween time! Going trick or treating didn't last very long though. Kayla is afraid of cars and doesn't enjoy walking at night. But she was dressed up as Tinkerbell and she was as cute as can be!

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September 2009


In September, Kayla got to go to her first ballgame. We went to see Tim Lincecum pitch against the Chicago Cubs on a warm Friday night. We took the Larkspur Ferry to and from the game and that was a lot of fun, too.

Unbeknownst to anybody, the tickets that we bought on Stub Hub just happened to be in the center field bleachers where my Uncle George (Porge as they call him at the ballpark) does security. Pretty cool!

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August 2009

In August we started doing "moooobie nite" as Kayla calls it. We watched Charlotte's Web, Lion King, and Cinderella so far. Kayla loves the movies, but she really loves her "pock coin" [popcorn] and treats.

Kayla is saying all kinds of things and even making up phrases. When she is tired and ready to go to bed, she says,

"Chupy go ni-nite, mama."

If she wants to say no, she says no. But if she wants to say NO!!, she says,


Kayla is scared of the dark when she goes to sleep, so we got her one of those night-lights that changes color. We let her pick the color or we just pick a color each night. It will be interesting to see which color becomes her favorite.

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July 2009


Kayla celebrated her 2nd birthday on July 28th! She celebrated in style, spending her birthday in ... Vegas baby! The whole family loaded up the van, picked up Dizzel, Papa, and Uncle Sean and drove out to Las Vegas! Have you ever driven through Primm or Jean, Nevada? How about Tehachapi, California? Trust me, you don't want to. Take it from us, buy a plane ticket.

But the trip was fun. Kayla and ZZ loved being in the pool every day. Mom and Dad didn't mind it either.

We saw tigers, lions, dolphins, leopards, and even a mermaid in Vegas! I'm pretty sure all the animals hate it in the desert though. They looked like they were tired of 110 days and lows of 92.

Kayla is talking more and more. She put together her very first complete sentence early in July when her and ZZ were taking a bath and she said,

"Don't splash me, ZZ!"

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June 2009

June was full of fun for Kayla.


For Auntie Nen Nen's birthday we spent the weekend in Santa Clara and went to Great America! They had a great kids section where Kayla rode a bunch of rides and she loved the water park.

kayla Later in June Kayla got to go to the Petaluma Fair! She rode the train and the pink elephants and got to see lots of animals including a wallaby and a sea lion. She also got to ride a horse again ... she acts like she's a pro at it now. Kayla also got a peek of her first rock concert ...Bret Michaels!

New words this month:

nemmonay   =   lemonade

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May 2009


What a big month for Kayla!

She knocked over Whitey and Lucy's water dispenser (actually Lucy informed us it was a "ceramic water carafe") and cut her head in two places. Then she got her first ambulance ride and her first stitches soon after.

Later that week she got her first haircut.

She also got to ride a horse at the Farmers Market!

Kayla is talking a lot now. She is hard to understand if you don't listen to it all the time, so I've made a short list of interpretations:

           boo yeah      = Barney
           o yeah          = orange
           doh yeah      = doggie
           pussy            = chupy (that's her pacifier)
           neh neh caw = (Auntie) Nen Nen's car
           din nasty       = gymnastics
           doowah        = Dizzel (grandma Maggie)
           ehmo puck    = Elmo cup

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