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December 2010

Kayla sat on Santa's lap this year and didn't cry! All she asked for was a bouncy ball. But instead, Kayla got a brand new bicycle for christmas! I have no pics. Our camera was stolen. But I am definitely going to get a video of her riding her bicycle. It's been raining alot lately, so she hasn't taken it for a ride yet. But she will soon!

Kayla's conversations are hilarious. I am loving this age she is at. Here is some classic Kayla rhetoric:

I found a quarter on the ground and showed it to Kayla. I knew that she knew it was "money", but I didn't think she knew what it was beyond that...

DAD: "Kayla, do you know what this is?"
KAYLA: "A quarter!"
DAD: "Very good! Do you want to put it in your piggy bank?"
KAYLA: "I want to bet it on a horse race!"

The kids were eating dinner and Zara wasn't liking what was on her plate...

DAD: "Zara, eat your dinner!"
DAD: "Zara, you girls are my big girls, right?"
KAYLA: "No, Dada! We your soldiers! And soldiers don't cry!"

Seriously, I have no idea where she gets that!


Oct. - Nov. 2010

Kayla was absolutely beautiful as Cinderella for Halloween. Her and ZZ got to eat some candy this year, but Uncle Sean ate most of it.

Lately everything is why why why with Kayla. And she wants to know what is everything doing.

Why him shirt red? Why is that cloud coming? What that banana doin'?

I regret saying, "I don't know" all the time because now she says it all the time, but I really don't know why that frog was touching a rock or why Barney doesn't have shoes like B.J.?

So, I came up with alternative responses. Why do you think? Why don't you try and find out? I'm not so sure about that, maybe we can Google it! Usually she is satisfied with just about any answer and she hasn't made me Google anything yet.

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Aug.- Sept. 2010

Kayla has hit another one of her mental growth spurts/ phases lately. She is becoming more intelligent, more manipulative, more creative, and more like a little person! Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad, sometimes it's funny!

Here are some memorable conversations we had recently:

I was putting the girls to bed one night,and it was difficult, as usual. So I said, "GO TO BED, GIRLS! NOW!"

Kayla responded, "Don't you talk to me like that, or I'll give you hot sauce, Dada!"

I was so stunned and speechless and laughing inside, that I didn't quite know what to say! So, I apologized, came to an understanding with her, and quietly tucked her and ZZ into bed.

Another night, on the way to Whole Foods for dinner;

Dad: "Hey, Kayla! Do you want to try some meatloaf for dinner tonight?"
Kayla: "I don't like meatloaf and Mama's car don't want us to eat it!"
Dad: "So, you think cars are alive? Like people and doggies and cats?!?
Kayla: "Yeah! Like people, and doggies, and cats, and tacos, and bumblebees!"

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June - July 2010

Kayla turned 3 in July! We kept it low key this year compared to last year. We went to Chevy's for her birthday dinner and she got the sombrero and the mexican birthday song and she liked it alot. We asked her what she'd like for her birthday this year and her response was,

"A purple dress, purple shoes, and skates."

She got all that and some more stuff.


In June, we got a playhouse for the kids, so we put it together up at the lake, princessed it up a little, painted it pink, and the kids love it.

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May 2010

Kayla's latest favorite thing is puzzles. She has her Snow White, Elmo, and duckie puzzles and she loves putting them together. The duckie puzzle is really challenging, but she eventually put it together by herself. We got her a bigger floor puzzle and she seems like she would rather master the smaller ones first before she gives any more time to the big one, but I guarantee she'll have that one figured out by next month!

Kayla also learned to spell her name. We made up a short song to sing and spell "K-A-Y-L-A", and she caught on to it really fast!"

I'm not sure where Kayla gets it, but she is really concerned with fashion. She has always loved trying on costumes, and in the winter she would wear them all day, but lately she has to match colors. She even has to eat out of a cereal bowl that matches her pajamas or drink out of a cup that matches her shirt!

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April 2010

Kayla is quickly becoming more and more independent. She likes to do everything on her own now, such as gettig dressed, going potty, and washing up. She also likes to help out around the house, although her attention span while being helpful is sometimes very short, but it's a start!


Kayla, Mom, and Dad went to a Giants game in April and watched Tim Lincecum beat the St. Louis Cardinals.


March 2010

After being cooped up all winter in the house because of the rainy weather we've had, the kids got to get out a lot more in March. Uncle Sean has been playing baseball for Casa Grande and Kayla and ZZ are big fans! Kayla has also mastered riding her tricycle and has started riding her Barbie skateboard and Shelby's Razor scooter.

We got fish this month for the kids. Kayla picked out a molly that she said looks like Auntie Nen Nen and Uncle Ace's dog, Jake, and so she of course named him, Jake. We also got 2 neon tetras that Kayla named Bat and Doggie.

About 3 days after getting the fish, Bat got sick and died. So Ashley flushed him down the toilet. Kayla says that Bat had to go see "Dr. Kookie". Then later she asked if Doggie could go see Dr. Kookie, too. Of course, we didn't send Doggie to Dr. Kookie and he and Jake are still alive and well.

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February 2010

Arielle was born on February 4th. Which is, of course Herc's birthday, too. Kayla has been very helpful with the baby, or at least trying to be.


This month Kayla finally gave up her chupy! We took her to Build-a-Bear and they stitched up a bunny with her chupy inside it! She named her bunny, Wubbin.

Kayla can pretty much do her ABC's now. She has a little trouble with LMNOP, but it's pretty good.

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January 2010


This month we spent 4 days at a cabin in Lake Tahoe. Kayla got to build a snowman and go tobogganing in the snow.

Back at home, while we waited for the arrival of the new baby, we put Kayla and Zara's beds in the same room, so they are roommates now.

At Grandma and Grandpa's, Kayla did some beautiful art work, drawing some happy faces on the walls.

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