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October 2011

Kayla sounded out the word "love" on her shirt in October. She is doing really good at reading and spelling. She can spell a few words, including: cat, nap, help, stop, red, and her friends name, Bella.

Kayla got a new bike this month. Her friend Katie got a new bike and gave Kayla her old one. Kayla's new bike is bigger and faster, and she learned a new trick on it, too. She can ride off the curb!

Kayla puked all over Dad on the BART train this month, too. Dad had the dumb idea of riding the BART to San Francisco at night and Kayla got car sick and puked all over Dad. What a nightmare that was.


August-September 2011

In August, Kayla started preschool! Kayla was very excited to start school and she loves it so far! She seems like she is having no problems making friends and seems to be acclimating to her social environment very well.

Lately one of our favorite things to do besides swimming has been riding bikes out front or at the park. Kayla started riding Zara's little Minnie Mouse bike with no training wheels and is doing really good. It happened so fast, I didn't get it on video. She is riding so good now, it's hard to believe that earlier this month she was on training wheels all the time.

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July 2011

Kayla celebrated her 4th birthday in July! Just like last year, we went to Great America for Kayla's birthday. This year she got mostly school clothes, because she starts preschool next month!


Kayla has been gaining a lot of confidence in the water lately. She does more of a dog paddle than swimming, but she goes without her floaties all day long and she's been in the pool almost every day lately. She can swim under water and she has been doing different jumps off the diving board, like a cannonball and the "butt bomb".

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June 2011

We always encourage Kayla to use big words. Sometimes the kids books have big words or different words and we explain them to the kids and we are always impressed when they use them later. Some words Kayla has been known to use are: correct, habitat, co-pilot, and negotiate!

In June, we went to Pismo Beach! We spent a lot of time swimming in the hotel pool, and Kayla asked to swim without her floaties! We let her try it and she does the dog paddle and treads water very well for a beginner!

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May 2011

Kayla did her first Tae Kwon Do testing and moved up to a white belt with an orange stripe! She performed her "form" in front of all the instructors and did it very impressively!


Some funny conversations with Kayla this month:

****Mom got some new Doritos Tapatio flavored chips****
DAD: Kayla, do you know what these are?
KAYLA: Those chips, Dad!
DAD: Yeah, they're chips. Who's that guy? (the Tapatio guy)
KAYLA: That's the hot sauce guy. I don't want those chips!

****Kayla talking to herself and playing with a newspaper****
KAYLA: What is this? This is my newspaper. Hey! What's it doing here? That's silly, newspapers belong in the driveway!


Mar-Apr 2011

Kayla has continued her Tae Kwon Do classes. She is doing very well! If you have not seen her Tae Kwon Do video, then you should go to the videos page and watch her video! Lately the class has been practicing their "form" which is a combination of about 10-15 different actions and movements with an imaginary opponent. Kayla does very well and knows her form, but it still needs a little work.

Kayla sat on the Easter Bunny's lap alone this Easter as Zara and Arielle were scared of him.

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Jan-Feb 2011

Kayla started 2 classes in January. Soccer and Tae Kwon Do! She is so cute in her little tiny Tae Kwon Do uniform! Once I get a camera, I will take some pictures ...

Kayla took a big step in her coloring skills. Now, instead of scribbling over the entire picture, she can scribble over separate objects with different colors. It may not seem like much, but it really seemed like a big learing acheivement.

Kayla is really into telling stories lately...
One morning, we found ZZ sleeping on the floor, so we asked what happened?
Kayla explained that ZZ fell down. Why did she fall down?? Kayla told her to come up to her bed because she had chocolate chip cookies and milk on a cabinet by her bed!

Another night, ZZ went into Kayla's bed because Kayla wanted to look at the bugs in her belly button...
MOM :"Bugs, huh? What about you, Kayla?"
KAYLA:"I have bugs in my belly button, too! Ladybugs!
MOM :"Does ZZ have ladybugs in her belly button?
KAYLA:"No, she has a hoptoad!"
MOM :"So, what did you guys do with it?"
KAYLA:"It's still in there!"

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