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December 2010

For Christmas, ZZ got her very first bicycle! She can't quite ride it yet. She is still practicing with Kayla's old tricycle. ZZ and Kayla also got a big giant dollhouse, too. I wish I had some pics, but our camera and our December pics got stolen out of the van.

Zara started her potty training last month and it has been going a little slowly. She is really good with her peepee, but she can't seem to get her poopoos in the potty. But when she does, she gets really excited and says, "Look, Dada! Carrots!"


November 2010

Big news, big news! ZZ is going potty on the potty!

The week before Thanksgiving was the start of her potty training, and so far, so good!


Sep. - Oct. 2010

ZZ was Princess Belle for Halloween. She also proved that she is much better than Kayla at sneaking candy. Every chance she got she opened up some candy and started eating it.

She really doesn't always eat sweets. Sometimes she will have a bite or two of cake or pie and leave the rest, but she loved candy on Halloween!

Zara learned how to spell her name with her Z-A-R-A song in October! Actually, she learned the K-A-Y-L-A song in September, so she learned to spell Kayla's name before her own. Kinda strange, but that's ZZ.

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August 2010

ZZ poo-poos is getting so big and so much smarter. She is so different from Kayla, it's really hard to compare them. I think ZZ understands things better than Kayla did, but ZZ is more clumsy. Good or bad, she is more like Dad. Everybody says she especially looks like Dad in the picture below.

ZZ has been talking good for awhile now, and she said her first official sentence this month,

"I want to sit on your lap, Mama!"

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June - July 2010

Zara finally got in the pool in July. She doesn't like funny feeling things on her feet, like water, or sand, or grass. So she would not get in the pool. She loves bath time, but not the pool. Well, she finally got in and now she loves it. She likes the hottub on cool summer nights especially.


After moving into Dizzel and Papa's house in July, Zara is sleeping on the bottom of her new bunk bed. Of course, she wanted the top, what kid wouldn't? But Kayla is the oldest, so she got the top bunk.

Zara will probably miss our cat, Maddie, the most. We had to get rid of poor, Maddie, when we moved. Actually, we brought her over to the new house to see if she might stay in the garage and outside, but she took off and nobody has seen her since. I wonder if the kids will remember her years from now?

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May 2010


PooPoos (ZZ's other nickname) has been a big brat lately! Her new favorite word is "NO", and she likes slapping, kicking, biting, and just being annoying to others. I think Kayla went through a similar phase, so hopefully it goes away.

We thought that Kayla was smart, but ZZ is equally smart or smarter. Kayla was counting to 5 at 18 months old Click here to see the video, and Zara is over 18 months, but she has been counting to 5 for awhile now. She can count to 8, but she is harder to catch on camera.

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April 2010


Zara had her 18 month check up in April. She is 28 lbs. 9 oz., and 32.5 inches tall ... a big girl!

Zara enjoyed camping with her sisters, mom, and Dizzel this month and starting fishing!


March 2010

Zara is our big baby. We weighed her and Kayla this month and both are just about 30 lbs. She is in the 90th% in weight, height, and head size. If they had a measurement for thigh size she might be in the 99th%. She is starting to acknowledge her strength, but Kayla still beats up on her. Zara is going through a phase where she has to have what Kayla has or do what Kayla is doing and that leads to fights and crying pretty frequently.

She is also going through her NO! phase with Kayla. But, Zara doesn't quite understand 'no' yet, so it still means yes sometimes. It gets confusing sometimes and sometimes it just makes us laugh.

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Jan-Feb 2010


Zara's sister, Arielle, was born in February and just like the stereotypical middle child, Zara got jealous. Towards the end of February, the jealousy was fading though.

Zara is talking more and trying to count. She knows the numbers, she just can't put them in the right order yet. She likes to sing. Sometimes she'll sing "Ring around the Rosie" or the theme to one of their favorite shows, "Caillou".

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