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December 2009


December and Christmas came and went. Zara got a shopping cart, a horsey, and a SpongeBob Squarepants flute that she likes the best.

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November 2009

Zara has been busy expanding her vocabulary!
New words include:
maddie (our cat)
she can't quite say milk, but she clicks with her tongue and that means milk.

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October 2009


October 16th was Zara's first birthday party! Her party was a big success. Lots of family came over, there was a piata, a spooky haunted house, and lots of cake and candy!

ZZ was a cute little ladybug for Halloween.

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September 2009


This month ZZ started walking! She picked it up really fast and is moving around like a drunk Dizzel already.

ZZ's first word, actually words, are "hi" and "bye". We were waiting for something a little more profound, but she says hi and bye all the time and it's been about a month now. So officially those are her first words.

There weren't too many pics of ZZ this month. She is not very photogenic sometimes!

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August 2009


Zara is standing up on her own now! We didn't even really help her with it, one day she just stood up and now she does it all the time.

We got a few really good pictures of Zara's dimples this month. See for yourself!

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July 2009


In July, the whole family went to Las Vegas for Kayla's birthday. We called ZZ the koala because all she wanted to do was hang on to us like a little koala. I think the heat was a little too much for her, so we spent a lot of time in the pool and she loved that.

ZZ started crawling last month, and this month she is making strides toward walking, but she can't quite hold herself up yet without holding on to something.

No legitimate words yet from ZZ. She roars like a lion (ok, like a baby lion) and says "O" and Ashley thinks she might have said "barney", but nothing official yet. Stay tuned ...

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