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Fall 2012

Zara is really starting to enjoy going to school! Even though Mom and Dad said that they couldn't walk her into class every day, we did! But in December, ZZ started going in alone on a daily basis and she even has a smile on her face!

Zara is growing up and her personality is changing. She is still Mom and Dad's little helper, and she is still pretty quiet, but she has really been testing her boundaries lately. Dad has to put her in time out more than Ari and Kayla lately. She has also developed an alter ego called Hyper ZZ. Hyper ZZ would be awesome when we are outside playing ball or at the park, but Hyper ZZ appears while we are reading books or doing homework or at bed time. Annoying! zz

We've been playing baseball lately with a whiffle bat and tennis balls and Zara has picked it up really well! And, she likes it! She hits left handed and she doesn't stop running the bases until she has a home run! We haven't discussed singles, doubles, and triples yet. The girls are so funny, they don't want to help Dad play defense, but they hate it when somebody else hits a home run. Zara seems to try harder at sports than Kayla does and she does really well, but she is still too young to play on team. Next year she'll get 'em!

In October, Zara turned 4! What a big girl! For Halloween ZZ was Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony!

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Summer 2012

Zara finally ditched her floaties right at the end of summer! Just like riding her bike without training wheels, she has to be absolutely sure she can do it before she commits! Arielle started swimming sans floaties and after a week or so of that Zara finally hung them up too! Ari and Kayla live a little more on the edge, I suppose Zara is the conservative one.

But that doesn't mean that Zara doesn't get her "firsts". She was the first one this summer to unbuckle her seat belt all by herself! She was also the first to catch a ball consistently!

Zara went with the short haircut this summer. With her dark skin and super white teeth, she is looking very cute! zz

School started in August and Zara started Kindergarten! She doesn't like it as much as Kayla did. There have been some rough days, but she is coming around! School is fun!

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March-April 2012

Zara started riding without training wheels! She was SO against it for the longest time, but Dad kept pushing the issue and after one day of some successful rides, ZZ decided she liked it and has not gone back to the Minnie Mouse bike with training wheels since! She is so proud of herself! It's been about 2 weeks now, but every time out she says, "Dad! Dad! Look at me!".

ZZ is Dad's little helper at breakfast time! She gets all the bowls, spoons, cereal, and of course the peanut butter! Dad did not eat peanut butter with his breakfast cereal as a kid, but Mom did, and has passed it on to our girls! It must be good, because all 3 of them love it!


January-February 2012

ZZ learned a new trick in January! She sticks her fingers into her eyes and flips her eyelids up and calls it her "monster eyes"! zz We don't know where she learned it, she just started doing it one day!

Zara loves looking in the mirror at herself. She combs her hair and sneaks some squirt (perfume) and some lipstick (flavored chapstick). She says she needs to look beautiful!

While being very beautiful, Zara has been in a defiant, rebellious phase lately. She definitely lets us know when things are not ok with her. She doesn't shout like Kayla does, but she gets very angry! She's been known to throw a toy at Ari, or hit Kayla with a stick! Hopefully her anger is just a phase ...