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October 2011

In October, we celebrated ZZ's 3rd birthday! We spent the weekend at Embassy Suites (the girls love hotel rooms!) and at Chili's (Mama loves Chili's). Among other things, ZZ got a Power Wheels Jeep for her birthday!

Besides driving her new Jeep, ZZ started riding her Minnie Mouse bicycle. She didn't want to try it at first. She wanted to stick with her tricycle. But, with a little encouragement, she finally tried it out and loves riding it.


August-September 2011

In August Zara had her first haircut and she looks so cute! She also went to go see her first movie! We went and saw The Smurfs. It was OK. I think a full length movie is a little long for her, and neither her nor Kayla got very interested in the movie. I don't think Mom or Dad did either. But we redeemed ourselves by going to the Movie in the Park and saw Wall-E. Everybody enjoyed that movie a lot more, even though it was freezing outside!

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July 2011

Well, the summer has been all about swimming! After swimming at the hotel pool during Kayla's birthday weekend, ZZ started getting a lot more daring in the water. At the hotel pool, ZZ introduced the "butt bomb". The "butt bomb" is what ZZ does when she jumps into the pool. She arches her back a little, then jumps, then lifts her legs up and spreads them out, and SPLASH! Kayla does a "butt bomb", too, but nobody can do it quite like ZZ does it.

ZZ has been practicing swimming without her floaties a little bit. Although she does get really excited when she swims without floaties, she doesn't like it yet. Seeing Kayla swim without floaties doesn't seem to motivate Zara to rush anything. I guess water can be pretty scary. But Kayla has motivated Zara to try the diving board more often. She even did a "butt bomb" off the diving board!

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May-June 2011

Well, aside from "night time chonies", ZZ is done with diapers! It's about time. And we hope that the night time thing doesn't go on too long!

Zara surprises us sometimes when she can do something that Kayla can't do. In May, Zara counted to 14 all by herself! Kayla hasn't really counted past 11 or 12 yet.

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April 2011

There's only one thing to say this month... potty trained! Yay!

It's not 100% yet, there's still the occasional accident, and we have to stay on top of things. But, the hard part is definitely behind us!

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March 2011

We learned something new about Zara and Dad's family history this month. Zara has always had a lump in the center of her skull. Sometimes we call her 'Dinosaurhead' because she looks like one of those dinosaurs with a funny head. The doctors said it could be nothing, but if doesn't grow correctly, it could become a problem in the future. So we were semi concerned about it.

My Mom felt it and she said that her brothers son, Greg, had the same head. His grandfather called him 'Bonehead', but the nickname backfired on him because everyone thought he looked more like a bonehead than Greg, since he was bald. Well, the nickname stuck and he became 'Bonehead' and later it was shortened to just 'Bone' and that's what everybody called him after that.

Somehow I don't think 'Dinosaurhead' will stick, ZZ has enough nicknames, but we don't worry about it much anymore.

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Jan-Feb 2011

Zara started soccer classes in February! She really has some skills, too! She is very good at dribbling and kicking the ball. Possibly better than Kayla is!

ZZ is still having trouble going potty. At least she makes us laugh, though. She gets really excited when she does her 'carrots', and then she says, 'my turtlepipe'! She just wants to wipe by herself.

The kids are confused about ZZ's middle name. Kayla knows her own middle name. So we asked what ZZ's middle name is.
Kayla responded, 'poopoos'.
And ZZ responded, 'peepees'.

ZZ learned how to say ' You're Welcome '! For the longest time, when we would say, "Thank you, ZZ!", she would respond, "Yo Cap'n".

ZZ - 2010
ZZ - 2009