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September-October 2011

In September, Arielle gave up her "fire". Now she only gets her pacifier if she is in bed. She is very good about it, too. In the morning, she'll sit up, take her "fire" out, then throw down in the bed and smile at me... makes me laugh every time.

For Halloween, Ari was a scary witch. She loves candy, and she loves throwing a fit. And that night she'd did a little of both. She was very cute though. She would run up to the door after Kayla, ZZ, and Kaiella were already there, take some candy, and run away. Then she would try to eat it, wrapper and all. So finally we just let her chew on a wrapper for the rest of the night.

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July-August 2011

Arielle is really good at being cute. At night time if we don't tuck her in, she lays down on her pillow and says, "Bank, bank!" (for blanket). So we have to tuck her in and kiss her goodnight... even though she NEVER goes right to sleep! She is the loudest one before bed. She calls, "Dada! Dada! Fire! Fire!". She cries and screams. She meows. And she kicks on the wall! I can deal with the other stuff, but I had to put a stop to kicking the wall!

As the third child, Arielle, gets treated a lot different. And she gets to do things that the other 2 girls did not get to do. She gets more snacks. She goes more places. And she watches more TV. Neither Kayla nor ZZ watched as nearly much TV as Arielle gets to watch at her age, but there isn't much you can do about it. So anyway, Mom was cleaning in the downstairs room and Arielle sat down at the animal table, put down her drink, and said, "Caillou, please!". Mom laughed, then she put on Caillou.

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May-June 2011

Arielle is mastering the art of eating. She is progressing faster than Kayla or Zara in that department, and in May, Arielle started eating with a fork. She wanted a fork because everybody else had one, and now she asks for one (or cries for one) and she can use it pretty well!

Arielle also asked to go poopoo on the potty in June! We were hoping it would continue and lead to early potting training, but unfortuneately it has not.

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April 2011

Arielle is learning more and more. Some new words she says now are: thank you, Dizzel, and snack.

Arielle loves music. Whenever she hears it she can't help but start dancing and smiling. She also learned her first song, the Barney song, "Clean Up". Arielle's version goes more like this:

"eeeenup, eeeeenup, a na na na na na. eeeeenup, eeeenup."
It's pretty cute.

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March 2011

Arielle started walking this month! I made a video of her first couple weeks of walking

Click here to see the video

Arielle also started saying words! This month she started saying 'eye', 'hi', 'I love you', 'ZZ', 'Kayla', 'Dizzel', 'milk', and more! I'm not quite sure which was her first word, they all kind of happened at the same time.

Arielle is also learning to deflect blame. If Mom or Dad smells poo, we ask, "OK, who smells like a turd?".
ZZ says, "Arielle!".
And Arielle says, "ZZ!"

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Jan-Feb 2011

Arielle went on her first Tahoe trip in January. We also visited Uncle Joey and Auntie Danielle, but that trip really turned out disastrous when everybody got a stomach flu.

I swear Arielle said, 'Kayla... ZZ'. I can't be sure, but it sure sounded like it. She is trying to say, 'I love you' and 'Milk'.

Arielle can't quite say words clearly, but one thing she has mastered is the pouty puppy dog look. She sticks out her lip, cocks her head a little, and bats her eyes when she wants something real bad. Kayla and Zara never did it, and we didn't teach Arielle. It's funny how kids just do that naturally.

Arielle - 2010